Benefits of Solar Energy

Benefits of Solar Energy 

Solar energy is defined as deriving energy and light from the sun to provide more natural resources for today’s technologies. Major resources have already started benefiting from solar energy, such as photovoltaic systems (electricity from sunlight), solar hot water, solar electricity (uses heat from the sun), passive solar heating and daylighting (heating and lighting buildings), and solar process space heating and cooling.

One of the most well-known solar panels is the photovoltaic system. This type of solar energy supplies electricity directly from the photons in sunlight, usually in commercial or residential areas. They are usually installed in numerous panels, since one single solar panel can only give off limited power. To make the solar cells as useful as possible, installers generally attempt a good amount of ventilation behind these solar panels; as they are not as efficient at higher temperatures.

The benefits of renewable energy are endless, especially in America. Renewable and clean energy is just a big a concern as national security. Renewable energy provides clean environmental energy by avoiding the damage and safety risks that natural gas and fossil fuels create, which harm animals and plants and create global warming. The amazing thing about renewable energy is that it is obviously “renewable”, so it will literally never run out.

Not only does renewable energy provide cleaner air and an overall cleaner environment, but it’s more convenient as well. Systems designed with renewable energy require much less maintenance than traditional generators. In fact, most solar energy systems can go an entire lifespan with no maintenance whatsoever, and amazingly, a lifespan can last up to 40 years. The economy can also greatly benefit from renewable energy, since it is usually placed in the suburbs of big cities. Solar energy is an innovative way for anyone and everyone to save money. As oil prices are drastically rising each year, people need a better way to save their money which won’t harm the environment. Since gathering electricity from the sunlight is free, solar energy can save us all ridiculous amounts of money.

The average homeowner can conveniently convert all of their outdoor lighting to solar, saving a large amount of money and hassle. They can even use their own roof to generate this natural energy. It will also save them money on natural gas and hot water, which are normally priced very high. Solar energy can actually eliminate the need to purchase electricity from utility or electric companies. While the initial installation of solar energy can be pricey, the lifetime advantages it provides greatly outweigh the installation cost.


It is estimated that by the year 2015, 1 to 2 million homes will be powered by solar energy. In 2006 President George Bush proposed the Solar America Initiative, which means using more solar energy commercially all over the country. Many states have already begun to convert to this form of energy, and have greatly benefited from its many advantages; which include a better economy and more jobs, fuel diversity, energy independence, and less maintenance.

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