Solar Panels as a Investment

Solar Panels as an investment. This is the main reason solar panels have become so popular. Probably 90 % of the people who have solar panels installed are not doing this to save the planet or to reduce there carbon footprint. Solar Panels is a great investment it is probably the best investment you can get.

You can probably get between 8 and 12 % back on your investment. Were else can you get that kind of investment. Dont forget this is index linked. Also you can get free electricity during the day. So every time you switch your electricity on you get money from the Goverment. Your going to spend the money anyway on your electricity bill so instead you might as well invest it in solar panels and get a great return. The Feed in Tariff is slowly reducing as the Goverment cut there funding. But as soon as you get the panels installed then its fixed for 20 years. It was 25 years.


Let’s say that the Government decided to pay you say £800 per year for the next 20 years and all you had to do was put an upfront payment of £7000 then you would defiantly snap that up. Well that is the deal that is on offer at the moment.

Energy prices are going up and up and will never go down. This is the best time to invest. By 2020 house hold bills could top £2000 a year. Households with approved­ schemes will be paid for the electricity they generate, even if they use all of it themselves.

The level of payment depends on the technology and whether it is being fitted to an existing­ home, or installed as part of new build. And payments are guaranteed for the next 20 years and, linked to inflation.

Households get an extra 4.5p for each kWh they export on top of the 15.44p they get paid for all units generated. The fact that the payments are not taxed

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