Conergy Solar Panels

Conergy Solar Panels

Conergy solar Panels have a long life very high standards I have them on my roof and are great have good performance and are avaible in smaller sizes if you have a small roof.


There warranty is second to none if you have a panel that fails they will then pay for scaffoling and anything else that is need and will replace the panel.

12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

Conergy PowerPlus
  • High-performance modules with monocrystalline (M) or polycrystalline (P) triple busbar cell technology
  • High efficiency even under low light conditions
  • High level of performance, with up to 240 Wp rated capacity and up to 2.5 % more module output through positive performance tolerance

Long life

  • Very high load stability ie wind and snow, corrosive salt and ammonia
  • Recommended for solar systems of any size and in any environment
  • Optimal area utilisation with optional portrait or landscape installation

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As Renewable Energy Specialist's and electrical contractors, we install Solar Panel in the South West and the South East. We are also Green Deal accredited installers. Please call us on Tel 0845 5051199. We have an office in Plymouth Devon and also Maidstone in Kent.