Finance and Grants

Finance options are only by way of the Green Deal we are Green Deal Installers and we can give you advice on what you need what to expect and the process. The main Grant is by way of the Green Deal which a Green Deal Advisor will be able to give you more advice but here are some details on how the Green Deal works and what to expect.
  • Green Deal Process

    The Assessment
    From October 2012. This is an assessment that is carried out at your home by a Green Deal Assessor or Advisor. In 2013 date not confirmed yet this will be available to business as well.

    they use a software program to find what efficiency or micro generation improvements you are able to make and what the financial savings will be show the what the payments are.

    This is to ensure that the improvements recognized meet the Golden Rule: the payments for improvements are not able to be higher than the energy bill savings that they will get



    After the Green Deal Advisor has done his assessment, they will outline a range of packages obtainable from Green Deal Providers to fund the improvements. If your happy and you want to take up the Green Deal offer you will then sign a Green Deal Plan, .

    The Green Deal Provider will then get a Green Deal installer to carry out the work you have agreed to. The installer will have been checked to ensure they meet the standards of the Green Deal.


    The payment that you will get back with  costs of the home improvements over a set period of time through your electricity bill will be less than what you were paying before. The electric supplier will pass the payments on to the Green Deal Provider. With the reduction in energy costs the reduction in the amount you pay back from the outcome of the energy saving enhancements that have been made through the Green Deal.

    Although the cost of the improvements is repaid, this is not a regular personal loan as the charge is attached to the electricity meter in your property and paid back through your electricity bill.

    If you move house the new owner of the property will have to pick up the charge for the green deal but will also pick up the new benefits of the improved energy savings

    The payments will have interest but will be fixed at 6 to 8% this is up to the Green deal providers to set there interest. There will be early repayments charges but they must show you all the charges

    What improvements will the Green Deal cover?

    heating and hot water
    micro generation (generating your own energy ie Solar Panels Solar Thermal).
    For the non-domestic sector mechanical ventilation lighting and heat recovery. A technology improves there will be more areas added.

    There are a number of measures or areas of home improvement approved to receive funding under the Green Deal