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  • We will aim to give you the best possible quote we are now doing kw Solar Pv Systems installed from £4995 please call to get a quote. Now is the best time to install Solar Panels as the Feed in Tariff has dropped so has the Solar Panel Install prices and the kit prices. If you bought a 4kw Solar PV system a year ago chances are that you may have paid in excess of £15,000 now its approximatly half giving you a better return on your money. Dont forget the free electricity you get as well through the day so don’t delay call us for a free no obligation quote.

There is no better way to get a 8 to 12% return on your investment at the moment most banks and building societies only give you up to 2%.

Energy bills on the up

Energy bills are only going to increase there never going to decrease. Your going to spend the money on your energy bill anyway so you might as well spend it on solar energy and get some money back. Everytime you turn on your light bulb your going to get a cheque back wouldnt that be great. The Feed in Tariif is index linked so will go up in line with inflation.

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As Renewable Energy Specialist's and electrical contractors, we install Solar Panel in the South West and the South East. We are also Green Deal accredited installers. Please call us on Tel 0845 5051199. We have an office in Plymouth Devon and also Maidstone in Kent.